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Promotion "HELLO SEPTEMBER 2023"

"The hot and sparkling water of the Jacuzzi, The delicate scent of mineral salts, the sound of the whirlpool, accompanied by a soft Jazz music and a fresh bottle of bubbles immersed in ice, two goblets ready to be filled and sipped and finally a rejuvenating and relaxing moment in the sauna.

Why stop to imagine it? At Palazzo Mandurino you can realize it! 

Starts the 2023 with treating yourself to an unforgettable escape of love ; in total privacy and security, Moments of intimacy full of charme and romance in the Luxury Suite of Palazzo Mandurino with private spa.

Promotion for 3 nights or more :

For those who would to stay for 3 overnights stay. The cost is €100,00 for 1 overnight stay and per 2 pax. Overnights stay between 28 august  and 30 september 2023.

Promotion for a week:

For those who would to plan a holiday in our wonderful Salento. The cost is €90,00 for 1 overnight stay and per 2 pax.  .

(Per overnights stay longer than 7, the prize is different, contact us  for more info).

In the SponsorShip there are:
- The overnight stay in the the Luxury Suite.
- The Courtesy Kit
- The possibility to relaxation in the hot-tub and sauna:
- Variety of thé and bisciuts in the suite;
- Welcome Sparkling wine.
- Breakfast.
- Free outside Parking;
- Free wifi.

Palazzo Mandurino summer 2021









Palazzo Mandurino summer 2021 








 Palazzo Mandurino summer 2021